River: Redwood Creek Upper Section
Put in: Hwy 299 Bridge
Take out: Bair Rd Bridge
Class: II
Distance: 5.8 Miles
Gauge: Redwood Creek near Blue Lake
Flow: 250 (was a little low)
Boat: Perception Whiplash
Shuttle: 15 minutes
Info: Schwind pg 121. Ca Creekin’ for full run


This is a totally underdone, really fun run even for a beginner like me.  Very much a creek, there was lots of bumping into boulders and scraping the bottom of my new boat.  I can imagine that some of the trees that have fallen make major hazards during higher flows, but at 250 we were able to go right under them.  I would love to do this run again.  The only problem is access can sometimes be an issue.  Luckily, I have a friend with the BLM so he was aware of the Bair Rd bridge, but also knew the locals there are unhappy about people parking there.  So please be respectful and watch out for poision ivy.  I am still recovering.

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Directions to take out: From Eureka go 101-N to 299-E. After the Lord Ellis Summit look for Bair Rd on the left (there is a sign saying no river access). Drive to the bridge crossing the creek. Park close to the bridge and don’t venture far from it, only that area is public property.

Directions to put in: From the take out, go back to 299-E and drive until you cross Redwood creek. Take an immediate right and follow the dirt road to the river. Access is just under the bridge. River is wide here and moving fast.