River:         Smith
Put in:        Slant Bridge
Take out:    Charlie Rd
Class:          II-
Distance:     8 Miles
Gauge:        JED
Flow:          4500
Boat:           Hard Shell Kayak
Shuttle:      20 minutes
Info:            Kayak Lunartics

This scenic run is great for beginners more interested in the view than rapids.  There were a few class II- rapids to run but overall it was just fun and mellow.  It’s a good float for an IK, but I enjoyed it as my first run in a hard shell where I didn’t have to roll or go for a swim!

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Directions to Put In:  From Eureka, take 101-N to Crescent City and then take 199-E through Jedediah Smith State Park.  After the park, pass the town of Hiouchi and look for South Fork Rd.  Turn Right and cross Slant Bridge.  Turn Right at the parking lot (easy to miss) and go all the way down to the river for an easy put in at the river bar.

Directions to Take Out:  Follow above directions to 199-E, but before Hiouchi take a left on North Bank Road (197).  Then follow that past the golf course and look for a “winding road” sign, turn L at the sign on to Charlie Rd.  Follow dirt road to the river.  You need to drive over river rock.  My Mazda protege5 could do it.